Coming soon. When’s soon? No idea.

Plants vs Zombies is about to get a taste of the real world, as board gaming manufacturer USAopoly is bringing out a RISK: Plants vs Zombies Collector’s Edition, complete with Garden Gnomes, Peashooters, upgrades, and more zombies than you can shake a cucumber at. Brainsborough is under attack, and it’s up to you to stem the zombie horde’s advance! No word yet on an actual delivery date – it’s just Coming Soon – but it’ll be $29.95 when it finally drops.

Judging by the pictures, this appears to be a multiple play area game, with strategic advances on the main board and hot skirmish action on the minor board. There will be three ways to play: Mission Objective, Total Domination, and Tower Defense, but as to how you play ’em, your guess is as good as mine. This is a 2 player game, for ages 10+. Although USAopoly has it listed as coming soon, Popcap has it on its own site as available now; maybe this one’s out sooner than expected.

Will you be the slightly dim but endearing zombies, or the cunning and Vegan-friendly plants? There’s only one way to find out.

Source: USAopoly

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