BioWare has developed a Facebook game as its part in supporting the Child’s Play charity.

BioWare wants to donate to Child’s Play, which if you don’t know yet is an awesome charity that provides toys and games to sick children in hospitals, but it needs your help. With every play of BioWare’s Facebook game Gift of the Yeti, the company will donate at least a penny to Child’s Play up to a total of $10,000. By my math, that means the game will need around 1,000,000 plays to reach its goal.

Gift of the Yeti is a pretty simple experience, casting the player as a yeti that must deliver as many gifts as possible within 90 seconds. Santa isn’t being a lazy bum, he’s sick, though how Santa always seems to call in sick on the one day he has to work should probably be investigated. The yeti must avoid the cops while collecting powerups and trying to boost his score with gift-giving combos. Inviting friends also affords an opportunity to boost your score even more.

As far as Facebook games go, it’s a fun little affair, and in contrast to many apps on Facebook it is an actual game. Plus, you’re supporting sick kids by playing it. You should probably go play it right now, unless you don’t like sick kids. You want to help sick kids, don’t you? Well, go play it right now!

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