Buy a physical copy of Miracle of Sound‘s Press X to Rock so you can rock out on land, sea or in space.

One of my proudest moments working for this fine publication occurred at PAX Prime last month. Wandering by the Mass Effect 3 booth, I caught a few bars of a familiar tune. It took a few moments for me to realize that it was Normandy – Gavin’s recent song inspired by the events of Mass Effect 2 – and that the video was playing on repeat at BioWare’s booth throughout the whole convention. Tens of thousands of gamers were introduced to the music of Gavin Dunne at PAX as well as during his Q&A at the BioWare panel at GamesCom in Germany, but those of you at The Escapist have been fans for a long, long time.

Now you have the chance to listen to all of the songs of Miracle of Sound even when you aren’t online. The first Miracle of Sound album Press X to Rock is up for grabs now and it only costs $9.95. Most of the songs that we’ve featured on The Escapist are on the disc. Unfortunately, Normandy and the last four episodes were not written in time for production but you do get 4 bonus songs from Gavin for a total of 15 tracks.

That’s $.66 per song, people. Even if you’re going to rip the CD immediately and play the mp3s on your portable music device, it will still set you back less than iTunes.

If you love to watch the videos along with the Miracle of Sound, there’s also the DVD that contains the first ten episodes of the show. From Mining All Day Long (MInecraft) to Wheatley’s Song (Portal 2), all the videos on the DVD are all produced from real game footage captured from our bunker here in Durham, NC. Pick it up here.

What’s your favorite Miracle of Sound song so far?

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