Play Mirror’s Edge In 2D


Feeling a little dizzy from playing Mirror’s Edge in 3D? You might want to try it minus a dimension instead.

For some, precariously running around full-speed at immense heights and leaping across dangerous gaps between building rooftops in a fully 3D, first-person perspective might deliver a side order of motion sickness with your immersive gaming experience. Fortunately for you, indie Flash game developer Brad Borne is teaming up with Electronic Arts to deliver a free, Flash-based version of Mirror’s Edge in 2D.

This week Borne launched a single-level beta demo of Mirror’s Edge 2D, and man is it looking good. The diminutive, side-scrolling Faith performs some pretty awesome moves that translate well into the second dimension. The full Flash game, also to be released for free, is expected to launch in the coming weeks. In the meantime, hop over to his site to test out the beta. Be forewarned: the heavy site traffic has strained his server, so the link may not always work on the first try. Reportedly, the situation is being remedied.

Indie gaming aficionados may recall Borne from his cool freeware platformer Fancy Pants Adventures. This partnership with a major publisher may spell big things for the guy. He does good work.

Also, the 2D Flash rendition of Mirror’s Edge should occupy PC gamers for the next month or so, while they wait for the actual PC version of EA’s title to launch in January 2009. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game launched this week.

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