Play Poker, Win TF2 Stuff in Poker Night at the Inventory


Telltale Games has unveiled Poker Night at the Inventory, a friendly game of cards with Max, Strong Bad, Tycho Brahe and the Heavy that will also unlock unique items for use in Team Fortress 2.

Did I say “friendly?” Actually, Telltale says it’ll be more of a “raucous, smack-talking” affair featuring Penny Arcade’s Tycho, Strong Bad of Homestar Runner fame, the hyperkinect rabbity half of Sam & Max and the iconic Team Fortress 2 goon Heavy Weapons Guy. Making things even more interesting, the game will also give players the chance to win special unlockable items that can be used in TF2, including:

  • The Enthusiast’s Timepiece – Tycho’s favorite wristwatch (equippable by the Spy)
  • License to Maim – Max’s Freelance Police badge (equippable by all classes)
  • The Lugermorph – Max’s personal sidearm (equippable by the Scout and Engineer)
  • The Iron Curtain – Before Sascha, the Heavy had another love (equippable by the Heavy)
  • Dangeresque, Too? – Strong Bad’s Stylin’ Eye Wear (equippable by the Demoman)

As an added bonus, preordering Poker Night at the Inventory will bring with it the Heavy’s very own poker visor. None of this stuff actually does anything, but it sure does look sharp. Which for me, at least, makes it a tough call: I don’t like poker but I do like to look my best while I’m popping craniums from the far side of the map.

Poker Night at the Inventory comes out later this month and can be preordered now on Steam.

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