Kim Swift’s next game is apparently “fascinating,” “quirky,” and playable at PAX.

Kim Swift left Valve a couple years back to join Airtight Games, and we’re finally going to find out what the Portal designer’s been working on with the Dark Void folks. The unannounced game game will be revealed and playable at the 2011 Penny Arcade Expo.

Square-Enix has played the publisher/promoter role for Airtight so far, but it’s also a joint project between the studios. Any creative input from Square will presumably be detailed during the Square-Enix Presents PAX panel (7pm, Saturday, August 27 in the Pegasus theater). If you’re in attendance, you’ll find the playable demo at Square’s booth. We’ll have to wait until then for anything more detailed than what Square’s saying now. Its “incredibly fascinating” and “quirky” details aren’t exactly helpful.

The event is slowly becoming a hotspot for first-time showings. We saw Duke Nukem Forever for the first time there last year, and Swift’s new title joins Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as an as-of-yet-unseen game at PAX 2011.

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