Are you totally excited about StarCraft II? Do you have a couple of hundred bucks to burn? Then Razer has some stuff for you!


With StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty‘s release fast approaching, it’s a wonder we’re not seeing more tie-in products to coincide with the game’s launch. Razer, a computer peripheral manufacturer here in the United States, has announced a series of new PC accessories that are sure to appeal to any rabid StarCraft fan. The devices may look pretty, but they’re certainly going to do some ugly things to your wallet.

First up is the Spectre, a gaming mouse described by Razer as “tournament-ready.” The mouse has five buttons and utilizes a new “Actions-Per-Minute” light system that sounds impressive and confusing all at once. “The newly developed APM (Actions-Per-Minute) Lighting System with a multi-color LED that provides real-time performance feedback through changing lighting hues and adjustable mouse button force settings for optimal mouse click speed and control.” It also uses a 5600 DPI laser sensor. The suggested price for the Spectre is $79.99.

Of course, Razer knows players will want a keyboard to go along with their shiny new mouse. Enter the Marauder, a backlit keyboard that also utilizes the APM system. It’s also going to include a “dedicated on-the-fly macro recording system.” The Marauder is expected to go for $119.99.

Finally, Razer has unveiled the Banshee headset, which is being marketed towards anyone who plans to play the game online. Again, the APM lighting system will be implemented, though the headphones have some extra features, too. “The Razer Banshee is equipped with a configuration utility for customized adjustments of equalizer, pitch and volume. Other special features include a detachable microphone boom for easy transport and a comfortable circumaural construction, all in a gaming-optimized design inspired by the StarCraft universe.” The Banshee is set to sell for $119.99.

All of these peripherals seem pretty high-quality, but picking all of them up is going to set you back roughly $320 (on top of the cost for StarCraft II itself). Not only that, but an official release date more specific than “Q3 2010” has yet to be revealed, so it sounds like they may not actually be available when the game hits stores next month. In the meantime, you might want to check out The Escapist‘s StarCraft 101 videos for some hints and tips on how to play the game.

If you’ve got the cash to burn and have an overwhelming desire to kit your room out with all things StarCraft, you could do worse, but at least some of us are OK with the idea of playing the game on hardware we already own.

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