Play XCOM: The Beginning, Win Amazon Gift Cards!



Witness the beginning of humanity’s last stand in this seven-day PvP community event where the start of the future is in your hands.

War is upon us.

Eager to prove yourself as qualified for promotion to Commander, YOU have been put in charge as Lieutenant Commander of a task force amongst the army to join the battle.

It’s time to buckle up and choose your faction! Will you command a human defense force and rally mankind to triumph over the invading alien hordes, or will you lead an extraterrestrial force to victory by crushing the puny human natives and pave the way for their annihilation? The future of the Earth hangs in the balance … how will you tip the scales?

The Escapist and 2K Games is proud to present XCOM: The Beginning. Do not miss this opportunity to participate in this seven-day PvP community event, the likes of which The Escapist has never seen! Strategize with friends in team-only forums and defeat your foes while you climb the leaderboard to victory. Only one team can win. Only one player can reign supreme.

Find out how to participate in the event and collect 14 exclusive new badges by heading over to the event site by clicking here!

Please Note: While participation in this seven-day competition is open to everyone, only residents of US, CA, and the UK are eligible to win prizes.

Edit: We are happy to announce that we have received approval to expand prize eligibility to include residents of Canada and the UK, in addition to residents of the US. To implement this change in a fair and legal manner, we will be executing a full event restart at approximately 6:00PM EDT. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause any of you and we hope these changes only enhance the experience for everyone 🙂

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