Playable Catherine Only A Week Away


Atlus has revealed plans to release a demo for its upcoming erotic horror puzzle platforming adventure title Catherine, alongside a new sheep-heavy trailer.

Before I get into actually reporting the news here, I’d like to offer an entirely earnest slow clap to the Atlus PR department for the email I just received. In includes the tagline “Sometimes, love is a disturbing, terrifying battlefield…” and honestly there just aren’t enough Pat Benatar references in gaming these days. Well played Atlus.

Alright, now for the important bits.

According to the email I referenced above, a demo for Catherine will hit both the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network on July 12. Verbatim:

The July 12 demo will introduce players to the main characters, particularly Vincent and his growing sense of panic at repeatedly finding himself within terror-filled nightmares. Fans can enjoy the stunning anime from Studio 4°C, the beautifully rendered in-engine cutscenes, and get their first hands-on with Catherine’s core gameplay as they navigate Vincent through his nightmares.

Further, the email encourages North American gamers who already tried the Japanese demo to give this new English one a shot, if only to experience the localized voiceover work.

Alongside the above info, the email also includes the game’s latest trailer, which you can see embedded up top. As far as Catherine trailers go this one is pretty light on the “erotic” and heavy on the “sheep have really creepy eyes, here let me show you them,” but the Lynchian dreamscapes and gorgeous animation should only strengthen anticipation for the title in Atlus fans.

Plus, since my ivory tower doesn’t include an anime section, I’m fully on board with the English voice acting. If that fills you with impotent nerd anger, so be it. Your rage nourishes me.

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