Dead Rising 2, the upcoming zombie apocalypse action game from Capcom, will feature a healthy dose of that which makes everything better: Playboy.

I know what you’re thinking: Zombie boobs, right? That’s what I thought too! But no, it’s nothing cool like that. Instead, Playboy and Capcom have joined up to include the iconic men’s magazine as tasteful background material in the upcoming Dead Rising 2. The game will include billboards and ads featuring selected issues from throughout Playboy’s history as well as an in-game copy of the magazine which will award a “unique and special upgrade” to players who find it.

“The Sin City-type environment in Dead Rising 2, Fortune City, is a natural playground for the Playboy Bunnies,” said Capcom’s Senior Director of Licensing Seon King.”We have integrated the Playboy brand throughout the game in ways that bring even more life to Fortune City and add to the user experience.”

It may sound like kind of a weird crossover but it’s actually not the first time Playboy has hooked up with a game studio: 2K Games revealed in March that it had signed a deal to include vintage Playboy covers and centerfolds in Mafia 2. Given its declining circulation numbers and the question marks hanging over print media as a whole, it’s not terribly surprising that Playboy is doing what it can to keep its brand awareness high among the digital generation.

Shame about the zombie boobs, though. Dead Rising 2 is slated to come out later this year for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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