It works! It really works!

You knew someone was going to do it. Somebody was going to take advantage of the fact that the Xbox One has both an HDMI input and output, and play the PS4 using an Xbox One. Well they did and, believe or not, it actually isn’t a terrible experience. By “they,” I mean the tech-sleuths at Digital Foundry, who tested how running one next-gen console through the other would affect their respective performances.

Microsoft confirmed earlier this year that, yes, players who owned both consoles would be able to play the PS4 through the Xbox One, but did not recommend it: “…Long story short it won’t be a great experience,” said Xbox exec Albert Panello.

As it turns out, Panello’s assessment was dead on. According to DF, you can use an Xbox One to navigate the PS4’s menus, open apps and play games without any hardware crashing issues. There is a fair amount of lag, though, so it probably isn’t the way to configure your consoles.

Meanwhile, Kotaku tested what it would be like to plug an Xbox 360 into an Xbox One, then plug that into another Xbox One. Again, it works, but the process appears to take a toll on the consoles’ performance. They also explored the infinite abyss you can create plugging the console into itself.

The Xbox One hits stores this Friday, November 22.

Source: Digital Foundry

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