Playing Halo On A Humungous TV


Halo 3 to be precise and on a TV bigger than your house. That’s got to be worth a look.

The screen at the Dallas Cowboys new stadium is big, and I don’t mean 50″ big, I mean over eleven thousand square feet big. The screen measures 72′ x 160′, which is around 176′ on the diagonal or 2100″ if you prefer, and made up of thousands of LEDs. So what do you think the best use for a TV the size of four tennis courts is?

That’s right, videogames. Specifically Halo 3 and Gears of War 2.

What’s odd about this story though isn’t the fact that someone played games on that monstrous screen, it’s who played them. Something like this you’d expect to come from some gaming website or a Texas based developer trying to drum up some publicity. It’s certainly not something you’d expect from the director of Jonas Brothers videos. Steve Fantone took a little time away from concert preparations to get some giant gaming done, and even to make a the above YouTube video.

Just goes to show, anyone could be a gamer these days.

Source: Engadget

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