PlayStation 5 in Action


The PlayStation 5 is slowly starting to take shape. The console was officially announced a few weeks ago — though it remains officially unnamed — and now, footage demonstrating some of the PS5’s technical capabilities has surfaced. Wall Street Journal Tech Reporter Takashi Mochizuki shared a video via Twitter where Sony directly compared the performance of Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4 Pro and the PS5. The presentation occurred during Sony’s Investors Relations Day.

The details are admittedly sparse. Aside from the improved visuals and lightning quick load times, the demonstration was more akin to an appetizer than something revelatory. Still, little information is better than no news at all, and seeing as we still don’t know when Sony will reveal everything about the PS5 or how it will compete with Microsoft’s next-gen console, this is an acceptable teaser of things to come while we await future updates.

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