PlayStation Network has been hit by a wave of scammers trying to get their hands on your credit card information.

Users who have their credit card information stored on their PlayStation Network accounts should be wary of new emails from unknown sources. Emails containing URLs to code generator websites are being used to access your account. Users are reporting the URL does not have to be followed, nor does any information have to be entered. Simply opening the email is enough to risk your account being compromised.

If you feel your credit card is at risk, head over to the account settings page on the official PlayStation site and remove your information from it. You can also change your password and email settings as an additional precaution. Finally, as it seems opening the email is enough to allow access to your account, be sure to delete suspicious emails without opening them. Since it’s not yet confirmed exactly how these scammers are accessing your account through their email, a bit of caution can go a long way. I know I, for one, can’t afford $350 worth of fraudulent charges on my credit card.

Source: Ironstar Blog

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