PlayStation the Second Most Subscribed-To Brand on YouTube

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Beaten only by Red Bull, PlayStation’s YouTube channel has more subscribers than any other brand.

While all signs are pointing to the PlayStation 4 being a sales hit of record breaking proportions, there is still always a chance that the tides come somehow turn against Sony. For instance, perhaps one day all the people who pre-ordered the console will wake up one day, realize that they really actually like the new Kinect and cancel their PS4 pre-orders if favor of the Xbox One. Statistically speaking, the odds of such a mass exodus are probably on the “ain’t-never-gonna-happen” end of the spectrum, but it’s still technically possible.

If that somehow still happens however, there may be some light solace for Sony. According to Statista, PlayStation is the second most subscribed to brand on YouTube, beating out other big game industry names like RockStar, Apple, Rovio and Ubisoft, all of which also ranked in the top ten. Microsoft and the Xbox brand were nowhere to be found on the list. Ranking above PlayStation in the number one spot was Red Bull, which apparently draws a lot of viewers with its presumably caffeinated sports videos.

So that’s something, right? Even if Sony doesn’t manage to sell millions of consoles the PlayStation brand has millions of channel subscribers interested in free videos about the product line. There are tons of people who would kill for that kind of following! So again, Sony probably won’t need it, but if a blizzard grounds all the PS4 supply planes (or something), there is a silver lining, sort of.

Source: Statista

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