PlayStation TV Discontinued in Japan

PlayStation TV

Sony will no longer be shipping PlayStation TVs in Japan.

The PlayStation TV is the sort of thing that seemed like a great idea when it was first announced. A small and cheap mini-console based on hardware taken from the PS Vita, it was marketed as a convenient means to play Vita and PSP games on your television while also extending the reach of the PS4 via streaming. Sadly for Sony, consumers never really loved the PS TV and the poor thing has spent the past few years edging closer to a seemingly inevitable oblivion.

It would now seem that the PS TV’s end is nigh. According, its official Japanese product page has confirmed that it’s being discontinued in Japan. In other words, while the device is still being shipped and sold in other regions, it will soon become of thing of the past in its home country. The change to the product page was first noticed by users posting to NeoGAF.

I’m going to go and say that I’m not surprised by this news. There was, after all, a point last year where GameStop was literally giving away PS TV’s for free to help push PS4 sales. That being the case, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little bit sad to see the PS TV finally fall flat on its face. While Sony definitely blundered its execution, it was still a nifty little device that was definitely useful if you wanted to play your PS4 in another room without moving the console itself. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how long it lasts outside of Japan.

Source: IGN

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