Retailers including GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart have recently cut the price of the PlayStation TV.

The PlayStation TV isn’t a perfect device. Despite basically being a reconfigured Vita, its library of compatible Vita titles and PlayStation Classics is limited. It also doesn’t have direct access to popular streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus. In other words, unless you’re just looking for a way to remote play your PS4 or tinker with PlayStation Now, there’s arguably not much of a reason to own one.

If that is all you want however, the time might now be right to open your wallet and pick one up. Retailers including Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop have all recently lowered their selling price for the PlayStation TV. Gamers hoping to get their hands on one will now only need to spend $80 for the base unit or $100 for a bundle including a game and a controller. Notably, Sony’s online store is still selling the PS TV and its bundle for their original North American prices of $100 and $140. We’ve reached out to the company to try and find out if an official price drop might also be in the works.

Speaking as someone who owns and enjoys his PlayStation TV, I’d definitely say this is a good deal. For all of the legitimate complaints that can be filed against the mini-console, it can still be really useful if all you want is an alternative to lugging your PS4 upstairs every time you want to spend time with you wife while she plays PC games. Obviously don’t get one if it doesn’t meet your needs, but I wouldn’t rush to discount it either.

Source: GameStop


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