Pogo.com Kicks the Habit


Pogo.com wants to help you stop smoking. To celebrate National Smoke-Free Day, Pogo.com has launched a special “Kick the Habit” program to help players quit smoking with the support of the Pogo community. The campaign has several features:

  • Special Kick the Habit game nights – Players can find special game nights to gather and keep their mind off of smoking and have fun playing.
  • Kick the Habit game rooms – Specially labeled game rooms will connect players with others on the same mission. They will be able to trade tips and tricks and support each other in the cessation of smoking.
  • Kick the Habit e-cards – Players can send out special e-cards to friends and family to let them know that they are quitting or to encourage others to quit.
  • Club Pogo extras – To help players let each other know they are kicking the habit or are in support of their fellow players, Club Pogo members will be able to get free Kick the Habit Pogo mini items.

Beatrice Spaine, Vice President of Marketing for Pogo said, “We have a very passionate and supportive community on Pogo. From rooms for players to gather and talk about their experiences to e-cards to help players get support from family and friends, we wanted to give players the tools and community support to aide in kicking the smoking habit.”

More information can be found at Pogo.com.

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