Pokemon Bank Appears in North American Nintendo 3DS eShop

Pokemon Bank

After much anticipation and delay, Nintendo of America has released its version of Pokemon Bank in the eShop.

The Pokemon Bank app launched today in North American 3DS eShop and is available to download immediately. Anyone who downloads and activates Pokemon Bank before Mar. 14 will receive a free 30-day trial before paying $4.99 for the yearly service.

Pokemon Bank launched in Europe yesterday, leaving North America out of the loop momentarily as Nintendo of America tweeted, “Pokemon Bank has continued to roll out in certain locations. Stay tuned to our social channels for availability in your region.” Nintendo has yet to officially announce the app’s North American release, but it is in the eShop ready to download.

The service allows users to store and withdraw up to 3,000 Pokemon in cloud storage. The companion app, Poke Transporter can be used with Pokemon Black/White and Black 2/White 2 to transfer Pokemon to X and Y.

Pokemon Bank was launched in Japan on Dec. 25 and then removed from the eShop. It was expected to launch in other regions on Dec. 27, but these were delayed.

Players who download Pokemon Bank before September will receive the legendary Pokemon Celebi at level 10, which will be placed into players’ banks. It comes with the moves Hold Back, Recover, Heal Ball, and Safeguard.

Nintendo of America will surely officially announce Pokemon Bank‘s release soon, but it’s available to download now. The free trial is available until Mar. 14. After the free trial users will be required to pay $5 yearly for the service.

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