This is what the new Pokemon games will look like in motion – if the games were accompanied by overly enthusiastic commentators, that is.

This past month, we’ve seen the reveal of the fifth Pokemon generation – and like Charmander to Charizard, it’s been an evolution in three stages: First the reveal of the names and two of the new Pokemon, then leaked screenshots and further details, and finally now the video that you see above.

Okay, the video doesn’t show much – just the same footage of the games’ female trainer walking around a city over and over again – but it shows something, and it’s interesting. This is the first the main handheld games have really experimented with full-3D environments (let alone a city of that size) so if used properly, it could actually be really cool.

The overly excited commentators and presenters dressed as Lucario and Chimchar, though? I could do without them.


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