A man carrying a Pokémon hat and Pikachu plush toy has learned it’s never a good time to jump the White House fence.

Pokémon players, above all else, are known for a dedication and determination to “catch em all”, even traveling the world to do so. I can’t help but wonder if that’s what motivated one Pokémon fan to jump the White House fence and run about the grounds. But of course, instead of finding a rare Mewtwo or Jirachi, a wild Secret Service agent appeared and quickly apprehended him.

According to several reporters who snapped photographs at the scene, the White House was put on temporary lockdown when a man with a Pikachu hat and plush toy entered the grounds. After a few moments of realizing that very real guns were being pointed at him, the intruder finally sat with his knees to his chest and allowed himself to be arrested. The man’s identity is currently unknown.

President Barack Obama was away attending a September 11 memorial when the event occurred. I hope we all learned a valuable lesson today: Never jump the White House fence, because you’ll only learn that the Secret Service is great at catching you.

Source: Kotaku, via Eurogamer

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