Pokemon Focused Nintendo Direct Airs This Saturday

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pokemon direct

Nintendo will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pokemon with a Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct.

As you may have guess from our extended Pokemon coverage this week, it’s a pretty big week for all the little monsters. Nintendo plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary with a bang, and more importantly, with a special Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct airing this weekend.

It will air on the Nintendo Direct website on Saturday, February 27 at 10:00 AM EST. Nintendo didn’t give any hints on what news we can expect from the event, but that sure as heck wont stop us from speculating!

The most obvious announcement will likely do with Pokemon X and Y‘s “third game/sequel”. Every other main series Pokemon game to date has had either a “third version” come out a few years later (like Pokemon Platinum) or a pseduo-sequel (Black 2/White 2). The most likely outcome in X and Y‘s case is probably Pokemon Z.

We should also get some more information on Pokemon GO, Nintendo and Game Freak’s upcoming Pokemon smartphone inativie.

Of course, Nintendo could completely surprise us and do something even bigger for the 20th anniversary, such as the announcement of the next generation of Pokemon games.

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