Pokemon Global Link now has uses with the new Pokemon X and Y games.

The Pokemon Global Link service, first introduced in the previous generation of Pokemon games, has been revamped with new features, including photo viewing, browsing an activity logbook, exchanging PokeMiles for items, and viewing Global Trade Station stats.

Most of the fun in Pokemon X and Y is actually playing the game, whether that means battling, catching Pokemon, or befriending Pokemon in Pokemon Amie, but Pokemon Global Link is a nice online service that lets you view your progress and send online items to your game. To sign up for it, you need to register your Game Sync ID from X or Y found in the Player Search System menu. You can view and share your logbook of activities, such as which starter you picked or trades you’ve done. Another feature of Pokemon X and Y is the Photo Guy, Phil, who can take photos for you in-game. To start, you can save 12 photos on Pokemon Global Link, but this increases to a maximum of 60 after you gain medals. You can gain medals – classified as adventure, battle, fun, and commemorative – by exploring Pokemon X and Y, battling, playing in Pokemon Amie, and participating in competitions or events.

PokeMiles can be exchanged for items at the PokeMileage Club on Pokemon Global Link. By syncing to your game, the items will be transferred to your copy of X or Y. You build up PokeMiles by walking and doing wonder trades, in which you trade a Pokemon to an unknown trader without knowing what you will receive. The game calculates the distance between you and the other player and converts that to PokeMiles.

There’s much more to do in the game than on Pokemon Global Link, but the service is an easy way to keep track of your progress, get more items from the PokeMileage Club, and to see all of your photos in one place.

Source: Pokemon Global Link

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