Leaked images point to a Niantic-Starbucks event, which is said to be starting this week.

According to leaked images, Pokemon Go will be receiving an update on December 8, launching alongside a partnership with Starbucks.

pokemon go

The image is reportedly from a Starbucks employee webpage, and states that many Starbucks stores will become either PokeStops or Gyms. As part of the event, it appears Starbucks will also be serving a new beverage – the Pokemon Go Frappuccino. According to the page, the drink will be Starbucks’ Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with raspberry syrup and blackberries.

Perhaps more interesting, the first line of the page states that “the world of Pokemon Go is about to expand with new Pokemon.” Users datamined the game recently, locating code for 100 new monsters, although the leaked image doesn’t touch on just how much the world of Pokemon Go is expected to expand on Thursday.

Several images were shared of the website itself – here, here, and here, with a printed version here. A Q&A section states that not all stores will be a PokeStop or Gym, as several could not be activated due to Niantic’s requirements. It also states that employees are not to create their own signage – rather, players will “see the Pokemon Go Frappuccino within the game.”

The event has yet to be confirmed by Niantic, although we expect something official soon, if it’s actually happening.

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