pokemon go plus

You’ll have to continue catching Pokemon on your smartphone’s screen like a peasant until September.

When Pokemon GO was first announced, Pokemon GO Plus was revealed alongside it. A perhiphreal for the device that connects to your phone and allows players to capture Pokemon without having to take out their phones, it has been strangely absent following the game’s phenomenal launch. Looks like it will continue to be absent, as Nintendo has officially delayed the product until September.

“The Pokemon GO Plus accessory will now be released Sept 2016 instead of the originally expected end of July launch,” wrote the company.

You can read more about the Pokemon Go Plus on the official website. Essentially, whenever you a near a PokeStop, the device will vibrate. When you’re near a Pokemon, it will flash, and if it’s a Pokemon you have caught before, you can simply press the button on the device to catch it without having to take your phone out.

It connects to your phone using Bluetooth and can be worm as either a pin or as wristband. It is compatible with both the Android and iOS versions of Pokemon GO and when it is released this September will cost $34.99.

Source: Nintendo

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