Reddit user MediocreJake has spent more than 120 hours working on a Minecraft version of the Kanto region from Pokemon Red/Blue.

While I never really got into the sequels, there was a period of time where I was absolutely addicted to Pokemon Red and Blue. “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” wasn’t just some marketing slogan, it was a personal mantra that kept me up nights as I endeavored to be the very best like no on ever was. That being the case, you can perhaps understand my personal appreciation of a recently unveiled Minecraft project being pieced together by Reddit user MediocreJake.

Mr. Jake, presumably a Pokemon fan himself, recently took to recreating a complete and interconnected version of the Kanto region as represented in Red/Blue. While still a work in progress, Jake’s project has already taken more than 40 hours of planning and 120 hours of build time. Granted, we’ve seen some Minecraft undertakings that were a bit more time consuming overall, but we’re not going to knock someone who was willing to sit in front of their computer for five days to build something cool.

According to Jake there were a few complications that he had to contend with while building his Kanto recreation. “Getting the scale right was pretty difficult to be honest,” he said. Aligning the game’s various cities was apparently something of a trial at times, as well. “Celadon and Fuchsia weren’t lined up correctly, so Route 17 (Cycling Road) ended up way too long, so I had to re-align a few cities and routes, which was a pain.” Currently MediocreJake is still working on the interior portions of the game, which he intends to connect together with Multiverse warps. When he finishes with Kanto, he hopes to make a similar version of the Johto region from Pokemon Gold and Silver. Players interested in exploring Jake’s Kanto for themselves will need to join his personal server, which he’s in the process of opening.

Source: Reddit via Kotaku

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