February 2023 Pokémon Presents: Mobile app Pokémon Sleep got a summer 2023 release date window in a new trailer, with new Pokémon GO Plus +.

Today’s Pokémon Presents has come and gone. As expected, there were some cool announcements for the series. One bit of news we have all been waiting for is an update for mobile app Pokémon Sleep. Now, The Pokémon Company has officially announced a summer 2023 release date window for Pokémon Sleep, in addition to reiterating that this is “a game that makes you look forward to waking up in the morning.” The company also revealed the “Pokémon GO Plus +” device.

First, check out an unsettling video where real-life humans interact with animated Pokémon while they rest:

Next, check out actual details about the app:

With Pokémon Sleep, if you leave your smartphone device near your pillow while you slumber, the app will measure your sleep and categorize it. There are three categories: Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering. Pokémon that have the same sleep style as you will gather around the in-game Snorlax, who resides on a small island. Professor Neroli will help you.

A device called the Pokémon GO Plus + was also revealed. It has connectivity with Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon GO. Here is more information about it:

The Pokémon GO Plus + uses Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to link with smartphone apps for use in Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sleep gameplay. For Pokémon GO, the Pokémon GO Plus + enables players to throw Poké Balls automatically. Pokémon Sleep players can use the device to track their sleep in conjunction with their smartphones.

Pokémon Sleep will arrive on iOS and Android devices sometime in its summer 2023 release date window. The  Pokémon GO Plus + device will release on July 14, 2023. I can’t wait to see which Pokémon are compatible with my style: Sleep apnea.

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