Pokemon Sun and Moon players have failed the second global event in a row.

Global missions in Pokemon Sun and Moon are limited-time events where all players work towards reaching a collective goal, with a reward being issued upon completion to everyone who participated. The first Pokemon Sun and Moon event tanked pretty badly – Game Freak tasked players with catching 100 million Pokemon in two weeks, but players fell about 84 million short of that goal, catching only 16 million in the allowed time.

For the second attempt at a global even, Game Freak made it a bit easier – players only had to catch 1 million Pokemon using the game’s Island Scan mechanic. This time, they only reached about 661,000. As was the case with the last attempt, everyone who participated will receive Festival Coins, this time receiving 217.

In order to participate in global missions, players need to do more than just play the game and catch Pokemon. In order for your catches to count, you need to do the following, per the official website:

1. Enter Festival Plaza in Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon by selecting it in your in-game menu, which you’ll find by pressing the X Button.
2. Enter Festival Plaza’s central castle.
3. Speak to the global mission receptionist on the right and let her know you want to participate in the global mission.
4. Remember to return before the mission ends to sync your game to add to the global count! Once you are participating in the global mission, talk to the receptionist to have your progress sent to the server. Also, if you have registered your game to a PGL account, simply connecting to the Internet while in Festival Plaza will cause your game to sync automatically, which will send your progress to the server.

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