Several subtle and not-so-subtle hints discovered in Pokemon X and Y may be hinting of a Gen III remake.

Pokemon Red and Blue and Pokemon Gold and Silver have already received remakes on the GBA and DS respectively, and keen-eyed Pokefans currently playing through X and Y are picking up on hints that a Ruby and Sapphire remake may already be in the works. Considering the release windows of Fire Red and Leaf Green, and Heart Gold and Soul Silver, a Gen III remake following up from X and Y certainly seems logical.

The Operation Honnen Twitter account has been collecting all of the Ruby and Sapphire hints in the latest games, and while some of them are quite obscure, others are not-so-subtle. Check out the full gallery of collected images below:

It’s also worth noting that the very first Wi-Fi distribution for Pokemon X and Y just so happens to be for a Torchic-one of the three starter Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire. Nintendo revealed yesterday that the previous two Pokemon remakes have both sold in the vicinity of 12 million copies each.

Last year was Ruby and Sapphire‘s 10th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Game Freak distributed their mascot legendaries, Kyogre and Groudon, to Pokemon Black 2/White 2 players.

So what do you guys think? Is this just confirmation bias, or are Game Freak hinting that the remake is on the way?

Source: Twitter via Kotaku

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