Pokemon X & Y Becomes “A More Fun Gaming Experience”


Patch notes for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y update 1.3 are sparse, but the patch reportedly fixes bugs and adjusts gameplay for a better “experience.”

In case you’re having trouble finding the patch on the eShop, this QR code should point you in the right direction. The download requires 320 Blocks.

The game must be updated before the user can use online-based services like Wonder Trade, the Global Trade Station (GTS), Game Sync, and the Player Search System.

Version 1.3 also includes the previous updates that fixed the game-breaking Lumiose city save glitch.

Since the patch notes are so frustratingly vague, users have speculated, of course, as to what bugs might have been fixed, and what adjustments might have been made. Some think that the patch fixes a bug involving trade of the newly available legendary Pokemon, Diancie.

Have you noticed any changes since the patch?

Source: Nintendo (Japanese), Nintendo Everything

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