Pokken Tournament Coming to Wii U Worldwide in 2016


The Japanese arcade-exclusive Pokemon fighting game: Pokken Tournament, is coming to Wii U worldwide.

Today, at the Pokemon World Championships in Boston, The Pokemon Company announced the news that Pokemon fans have been waiting for ever since Pokemon/Tekken hybrid Pokken Tournament was revealed last year. Namely, the game, which until now had only been announced as an arcade exclusive in Japan, will be coming to Wii U consoles worldwide in Spring, 2016.

The news came alongside the new trailer you’ll see to the right, which reveals a few new playable characters such as Blaziken and Charizard. It also reveals a special Lucha Libre Pikachu costume, which appears to have its own unique fighting moves.

The game is currently only available in select arcade locations in Japan, and only with a set of fighters. The plan seems to be to slowly release new fighters and rotate them into the current arcade machines. Obviously, on the Wii U this system could be accommodated by DLC.

We’ll have more news on the English release of the game as it becomes available.

Source: Nintendo

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