Polar Bears Flex in New Muscle March Footage


Muscle March is one of the strangest Japanese games in recent history, and it’s coming to WiiWare next year.

Have you ever wanted to stare at a man’s muscled buttocks as he races through a city, smashing through walls? WiiWare’s Muscle March is the game for you. New footage of the game has been released, which may look like one of those titles that wouldn’t make the trek out of Japan, but rest assured it’s set to release in North America early next year.

After first seeing Japanese footage of the game, it didn’t make a whole lot of sense, probably because I was overwhelmed by weird. Now, the gameplay looks fairly simple. A line of musclemen, of which the player is one, chase a football player (who is apparently a thief) through a city. The football player flexes into different positions as he smashes through walls, and you must flex into the same arm position as him or else you will lose health. As the musclemen in front of you fail, it gets tougher to properly flex in time, but if you keep it up the football player gets tackled in a giant pile on and you win.

Up to four players can join in the flexing at once, choosing from seven characters, and there is even an Endless Rush mode. Can anyone explain what it is about muscled men that the Japanese like so much? I don’t know what else to say other than that this game is just plain silly, but it does look like it would amuse for a short while at least too.

Oh, did I mention this thing is in it?


He’s touted as one of the features, and boy is he. Bow before your new lord. Muscle March is coming in Winter 2010 to WiiWare.

(Via: WiiNintendo)

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