PopCap Acquires Retro64


PopCap Games, a leading developer and publisher of casual games, has announced the acquisition of Retro64, a Chicago-based game developer.

The studio will be operated as a PopCap “satellite,” managed by Retro64 founder Mike Boeh. Boeh establish Retro64 in 2001 after stints at Imagination Pilots Entertainment, and A casual games developer itself, Retro64’s website says, “Our games aren’t Quake 3, and we don’t want them to be! We strive to make small, fast, polished games that take no time to learn, yet are fun to play over and over again.”

The company has worked with PopCap in the past, most recently with the PopCap-published title Venice. “I’ve worked with Mike several times over the past decade, and we recently published Retro64’s Venice game, so all of us at PopCap are familiar with Retro64’s design and development philosophy,” said PopCap Chief Creative Officer Jason Kapalka. “We really respect the quality and focus on fun that Retro64 brings to the table, and are excited to be working with Mike on a full-time basis going forward.”

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