PopCap Reveals Plants vs. Zombies


The newest game from Peggle-creators PopCap is a tower defense game that pits, you guessed it, plants against zombies.

Some rivalries ring out through the annals of time. Yankees vs. Red Sox. McDonald’s vs. Burger King. Nintendo vs. Sega. French toilets vs German toilets. Plants vs…zombies? Alright, that’s a new one but I suppose it’s actually not all that weird considering it comes from the wacky minds at PopCap, the creators of uber-addictive (and equally ridiculous) casual games like Peggle and Zuma.

Plants vs. Zombies is the company’s latest attempt to drop worldwide workplace productivity into the red, and will be released on May 5 this year. Details about the title are scarce, aside from the self-explanatory premise. From the catchy music video trailer and single screenshot dug up by Offworld, it appears that Plants vs. Zombies is PopCap’s take on the popular tower defense genre in which the player is tasked with defending a base from oncoming waves of enemies. Zombies are trying to get into a house so they can snack on some brains, and it’s up to you to use plants to stop them.

There are different types of plants, each with different strategic uses like killing zombies, repelling zombies, creating light, etc, according to a PopCap staffer posting on Quarter to Three. Seems that you choose a different “deck” of six or so plants that you can use on a given stage. The zombies, meanwhile, also come in several varieties. In the trailer, there’s a zombie with a screen door shield, a zombie with a cone on its head, a zombie shark and maybe even a gigantic zombie.

Hopefully we’ll get more details soon, but in the meantime, you can sign up for early access to the game by adding your email to the mailing list over here.

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