A special message from PopCap Games has gone out, teasing more lawns, more undead hordes and more Plants vs. Zombies.

The big secret about casual games is that they’re not casual at all. They’re like crack cocaine: They’re cheap, they’re everywhere and once you’ve taken a hit, you’re hooked forever. It’s easy enough to dismiss the run-of-the-mill shovelware garbage, but when you stumble over a truly good one, you’re done. And they don’t get any better than Plants vs. Zombies.

The concept is one of those Stephen Hawking space-time things that’s so completely stupid it loops back into itself and becomes sheer genius: Zombies – shambling, bungie-jumping, Zamboni-driving zombies – want to get into your house and eat your brains, and the only thing preventing it are the be-bopping, unusually violent plants in your garden. It transcends silly and it works beautifully, and now it looks like more is on the way.

PopCap recently sent out a message inviting journalists to an event of some sort on San Francisco on August 2. But this wasn’t a typical RSVP; instead, it was an image of the PvZ zombie hand bursting out of the ground, holding a note with the date and the initials “S.F.” under a scrawled drawing of a big bridge.

Beyond the obvious Plants vs. Zombies link, there is no indication of what will actually be unveiled. Speculation that it might be news about the promised Xbox 360 version of the game has been kicking around, but I think it’s safe to say that most fingers are crossed in hopes of a full sequel. Stay tuned!

Source: Electricpig

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