Valve’s first advertisement for Portal 2 has hit the internet in advance of the television airwaves.

Valve recently said it was sick of advertising agencies coming up with poor marketing campaigns for its games, so it’d be going it alone in the efforts surrounding Portal 2. One of those efforts is in Portal 2‘s television spots, the first of which has just been released.

Valve crafted a 30 second ad featuring Atlas and P-body, the robots that star in Portal 2‘s new co-op campaign. The video is similar to the Aperture friends trailer that debuted at the 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards, but focuses more on the functionality of portals.

It’s interesting that Valve chose to put the spotlight on the co-op mode for the public’s first look at Portal 2. As far as mascots go, Portal 2 couldn’t do much better than Atlas and P-body, so it was probably a smart move. Watching the two of them goof around with portals is probably a lot more appealing to someone that knows nothing about Portal than a convoluted explanation of the mysterious Aperture Science experiments. However, future spots will probably go into the wonder that is GlaDOS, or whom/whatever will be torturing players this time.

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