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Portal 2 Prequel Mod Gets Intriguing Trailer

An image from Portal: Revolution.

A fan mod prequel to Valve’s Portal 2, Portal: Revolution, has released a trailer, and it teases the kinds of puzzles fans might expect.

You can watch the trailer, which was posted on YouTube, below. At the time of writing, the trailer has received over 200,000 views, with comments on the post being incredibly positive.

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Created by Second Face Software (Stefan Heinz, Rory Lambert, Dustin Oakley, and Tristan Snartt), Portal: Revolution takes place before the events of Portal 2 and sees players traversing a destroyed version of the Aperture science facility with help from a personality sphere named Stirling. According to its page on Steam, Portal: Revolution will feature more than 40 new puzzles and twists on mechanics that weren’t present in the original game.

I’ve seen other outlets report that Portal: Revolution is a Valve-approved mod, though I’m actually not sure if that’s true, as it seems like it’s mostly just that the game was built using a modified version of the Portal 2 Community Edition’s engine.

The original Portal released in 2007, with the sequel following in 2011. The series, which is known for its wit and humor, sees players solving various puzzles with their portal gun. Overall, the Portal franchise is pretty beloved, due in large part to that aforementioned humor, the quality of the puzzles, and the general enjoyability of the game.

I, for one, will definitely be checking out Portal: Revolution when it hits. I love a good puzzle game, and the Portal series is one of my favorite. I’m hoping the mod can capture some of that spirit of the original, and this ends up being something of a breakout game for Second Face Software.

Portal: Revolution will release on Jan. 5, 2024, as a free mod for Portal 2.

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