Aperture Science’s little toy is getting around.

The world tournament in Street Fighter is a simple affair: Travel all around the world to find the toughest fighters and beat the hell out of them in the middle of a crowded arena. Sure, it raises some questions regarding legality and who the hell is paying for Ryu’s plane tickets to America, but it’s not more complicated than that.

Until science starts getting involved, that is.

Mashup artist The Pixel Kingdom put together a little video showing what it might be like if the World Warriors had access to Aperture’s famous portal gun. Some of the uses are clever, others are imaginative, and some are just cruel. Really, Fei-Long? Was that really necessary?

It’s a shame there aren’t more Portal characters for one of Capcom’s beloved crossover fighters. I suppose you could always do Capcom vs. Valve, though. I bet Gordon Freeman would be way overpowered.

Source: Capcom Europe

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