Want to get your little gamer off on the right foot? Then what you need is a warm, inviting, totally-not-evil Portal-themed baby room.

If you need proof that the gamer generation is all growed up, look no further than this awesome nursery, done up wall-to-wall in a fantastic Portal motif. It’s got everything a newborn test subject needs: an orange and blue color scheme, plenty of instructional and cautionary icons and even a Weighted Companion Cube storage box. There is no cake, however. I don’t think I need to explain why.

The great thing about this room is that it’s not an overly elaborate production. Anyone with some paint, some time and a little motivation could pull off the same thing. That’s not meant to denigrate the work of whoever it was that put this room together, but rather to applaud the approach; not many people can afford to hire a design firm to turn a bedroom into a pirate ship, but with a little care and effort a room like this is well within anyone’s reach.

Source: Unreality Magazine

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