Possible Beyond Good & Evil 2 Footage Leaks

What looks to be the first footage of Beyond Good & Evil 2 has leaked to the internet, revealing a tantalizing glimpse at something like a cross between The Bourne Ultimatum, Mirror’s Edge and Assassin’s Creed. But in the future.

Spotted on a French Sonic the Hedgehog fansite (no really) by Kotaku, this brief trailer may very well be our first taste of what Ubisoft and Michel Ancel have to offer in Beyond Good & Evil 2.

There’s no way of knowing if it’s for real or not, but the main character of the clip sure looks a whole lot like B&G protagonist Jade as she appeared in the last teaser: short black hair, white tank top, green pants and cloth tied to her right arm. Then again, I’ve made plenty of mistakes about women when viewing them exclusively from behind.

Jade or not, the brief clip (which looks so damn pristine that it’s likely just a proof of concept and not actual gameplay) finds the heroine on the run from somebody who wants her dead. In an escape reminiscent of the rooftop chase from The Bourne Ultimatum, she leaps through alleyways, runs through people’s apartments, uses people as springboards and pulls off some fancy parkour then makes her escape by jumping off a roof to grab onto a helicopter. Just like Faith in Mirror’s Edge.

If this isn’t Beyond Good & Evil 2, all I have to say is the real thing has a lot to live up to, because this looks mighty impressive.

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