Possible Dante’s Inferno Achievements Leaked


A list of possible achievements for the upcoming Dante’s Inferno has been leaked, including such zingers as Pope on a Rope, Two Demons, One Cup, and Crapper’s Delight.

You might have heard of a little game called Dante’s Inferno, coming out on February 9th. Over the past year or so, there have been more than a few media stunts pulled, and a few people pissed off, but the game hasn’t suffered the mainstream media backlash that games like GTA 4 and MW2 did before they were even released. All that could change if they hear about some of the achievements rumored to be in Dante’s Inferno. Achievement Hunter posted screenshots yesterday of what appears to be an internal EA presentation listing several ideas for achievements in Dante’s Inferno. If the achievements hinted at in these slides make it into the game, EA may well end up angering all kinds of special interest groups including Catholics, Micheal Jackson fans, scat enthusiasts and PETA. Christ, even gamers and homosexuals could be pissed off about The Crying Gamer, though they will probably giggle first.

For convenience sake, I’ve listed some of the funnier ones below, but it’s worth heading over to Achievement Hunter for the full list and screens.

Crapper’s Delight: Have 5 different Gluttons defecate on you in one life. – 10 pts.

Hey, Abubu! Ghraib: Kill 10 Torturers in the Crusaders’ dungeon. – 10 pts.

Hot Toddler: Clear an area of Razor Babies by pushing them into molten lava. – 10 pts.

Just the Tip: Kill all enemies on a level using only the Scythe, not the Cross or Magic. – 20 pts.

PEETA Party: Kill 10 Tameable Beasts. – 10 pts.

Pope on a Rope: Kill a Pope by hanging. – 10 pts.

The Crying Gamer: Kill an Unrobed Demon without facing him directly. – 10 pts.

Two Demons, One Cup: Kill two Gluttons while covered in their feces. – 10 pts.

Wacko Jacko: Sever the nose of the Sphinx. – 10 pts.

Some of the proposed achievements contain funny references, I’ll give them that, but a few are just freaking gross. Who knew that defecating was such a big part of Dante’s Inferno?

Please keep in mind that these achievements are in no way confirmed to be in Dante’s Inferno just because the internet says it to be so.

Source: Achievement Hunter

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