In 3,000 years, when humanity is naught but dust and whispers on the nuclear wind, alien archeologists will remember us by our innumerable love letters to the toys of our youth.

Why exactly did I kick this post off like a clove-smoking liberal arts major on an Asimov bender? Simply because it offers a fine juxtaposition to the incredibly simple, yet effective stop-motion Post-It Note montage that serves as equal parts clever ad scheme and affectionate nod to our youthful naïveté.

The art style is so simplistic that the film’s creator doesn’t even try to convince people that creating this thing was difficult. “Attached is a stop-motion video my filmmaker friend Justin Grizzoffi and I made a couple of years ago. It was super easy to make – we simply edited together a couple hundred still photos of Post-Its stuck to a wall and scored it using samples from an old Casio SK1 keyboard,” the creator told Boing Boing.

It was only a few decades ago that people were blown away by these sorts of graphics, while I’d dare most modern people to have any concept of what the hell is actually going on here if the film makers were to strip out the stereotypical bloopy sound effects.

If I was less cynical I’d point to this as evidence of how far graphics have come in such a short time, but it’s late and it’s a lot more fun for me to instead retroactively tell your seven-year-old self that it had terrible taste in games.

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