The Android version of 1997’s Postal is apparently too extreme for Google Play.

Video game violence doesn’t really have the shock effect that it once did. It’s not hard to understand why. Whereas games like Mortal Kombat once had the power to inspire congressional hearings, interactive ultra-violence has long since become par for the course. Most people don’t even bat an eye at it. The exception, it would seem, is Google Play.

According to Running With Scissors, Google Play has apparently rejected the Android version of the its game Postal. Originally released on PCs back in 1997, the game’s release was apparently denied due to it containing what the studio describes as “Gratuitous Violence.” The game, and its sequels, follow the adventures of a nameless lunatic that player directs through sandbox-ish levels where they can kill pretty much anyone they want. The developers, in a statement addressing the rejection, were quick to point out that Google’s digital marketplace already plays host to a number of other titles with similarly extreme content. “It appears POSTAL has been rejected from Google Play due to it containing ‘GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE,'” it said. “Sadly this means it won’t be welcomed alongside the Grand Theft Auto series, Carmageddon and horde of Zombie games on Google Play.” The studio affirmed that it will be looking into other ways of getting the game onto Android devices.

While I can’t profess to have a huge love for the Postal games, I will say that I sort of agree with Running With Scissors about this being a bit hypocritical on Google’s part. While the company has every right to control what it sells through its storefront, the original Postal doesn’t really have anything going on that’s much worse than the likes of Grand Theft Auto. It’s rejection, in turn, feels a bit arbitrary to me. What do you guys think? Do you sympathize with Running With Scissors or is your mind more in line with Google?

Source: Running With Scissors

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