Potato Salad Kickstarter Closes With $55,000+


Zack Danger Brown has a lot of cooking to look forward to.

Last month intrepid Ohio native Zack Danger Brown captured the attention of the internet with his potato salad Kickstarter. He asked for $10, and figured he’d get maybe $60 from his friends and neighbors, but social media being what it is he soon found himself buried under a ton of money. Today is the last day of his crowdfunding campaign, and at close of play Danger Brown raised $55,492. Still, as his backer parody video shows, he’s not overawed by his new responsibility as the champion of potato salad.

He could have had a lot more cash, if he’d sold his soul to the Kickstarter devil. Fame attracts all kinds of unsavoury characters, and at one point his campaign had over $75,000 in its pocket, thanks largely to massive donations from chancers who wanted him to endorse their own Kickstarting efforts. But Danger Brown is pure of heart, though probably not low in cholesterol, and, when rebuffed, the chancers took their long green elsewhere. If you have an hour or so to spare it’s worth checking out the Kickstarter comments section, if only to see how quickly spam can spring up when a project becomes successful.

Congrats to Danger Brown! May all his potato salads be tasty.

Source: Kickstarter

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