Saving your game in the outskirts of Lumiose City may render your game unplayable.

Here’s a quick PSA for anyone who’s currently enjoying Pokemon X and Y: some users are reporting a game-breaking bug involving saving the game in the outskirts of Lumiose City. If the bug happens to you, your game freezes, and restarting the game causes it to just freeze again whenever it loads the save, effectively forcing you to delete your save file in order to progress.

A video of the glitch appeared on YouTube, with other players reporting the same bug on Users who have encountered the bug stress that there is “no workaround” and deleting your save data is the only way to get your game running again.

Specifically, the error occurs when you save the game in the the outside streets area of Lumiose City, the major capital city in the new games. The glitch seems to be affecting both physical and digital versions of the game.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for an official comment on the glitch and its plans for a bug-fixing patch, but until we hear back from them, it’s probably best to avoid saving in Lumiose City just to be on the safe side.

Source: Venture Beat

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