Ask any kid and they’ll tell you: Accurately recreating violent videogames is hard work! Luckily, one loving father took it upon himself to make Halo’s Warthog a reality, at least for his tiny offspring.

A devotee of the “Modified Power Wheels” dot com forums — did you even know that was a thing? — user “flux83” built the whole thing out of, well, honestly it’s kind of complicated. There was a Power Wheels 2001 G3740 Street Scene Silverado involved at one point, but then he started chopping things apart and spraying Bondo everywhere, and … if you’re interesting in the details, have a look at the forum post where he explains it all.

The end result is what we’re all about, and the result of all this minor mechanical alteration is a vehicle that both looks a lot like Halo’s most famous vehicle and functions as a car (assuming you’re about three feet tall). I would have liked to have seen more modification on the turret (read: kids need to shoot stuff too), but otherwise expect your kids to read this and suddenly realize you are very much not the coolest father on the planet.

(Via Geekologie)

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