The battle for unlockable superhero content begins! Amazon has announced the “Iron Spider” costume as an exclusive pre-order deal for the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.


The “Iron Spider” outfit was never my favorite look on Peter Parker. Then again, there was very little about Marvel’s “Civil War” storyline that I actually enjoyed. Still, the outfit Tony Stark designed for Spider-Man was certainly visually interesting, which is probably why Amazon is offering to provide customers with an unlock code for the costume if they pre-order Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

If gamers decide to pre-order the game from the online retailer, they’ll be provided with an art book that will include a code to unlock the Iron Spider costume to be used in the 2099 world. No real details about if this costume will provide a different play experience, since the costume came with some mechanical arms that gave Spidey some new abilities.

GameStop has revealed that Captain Universe will be unlockable for players who pre-order the game. While I’m not exactly a fan of gamers having to pre-order a game from specific retailers to gain access to specific content, I’m hoping for more unlockable costumes that Spidey will be able to wear.

Spider-Man has had some awesome outfits over the years (as well as some terrible ones). I was always a fan of the Dusk and Richochet costumes from his “Identity Crisis” storyline. What about you? What costume would you like to see make an appearance in Shattered Dimensions?

Source: Amazon via Joystiq

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