Pre-Orders Boost Ni no Kuni “Wizard’s Edition”


Namco Bandai will add a new item to the RPG’s bundle for each tier of copies bought.

Pre-order bundles, one of developers’ tactics to increase revenue and tempt gamers into buying games early, are usually pretty straightforward. The bundle has this book or that exclusive DLC, and you pay the extra money based on the upfront bonuses. Namco Bandai is bucking that trend, however, by offering more bonuses in the “Wizard’s Edition” bundle of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch when more people pre-order it in the US.

The $99 pre-order bundle already includes a 300-page “Wizard’s Companion” hardcover book, which details some of the enemies and lore of the game, plus exclusive DLC and a plushie of one of the characters, Drippy. Namco hasn’t elaborated on what the extra bonuses will be, but it will add them to the bundle when the pre-order numbers reach certain tiers. The company is calling the incentive “Ninostarter.”

Namco keeps track of pre-orders for the Wizard’s Edition by requiring players to buy the game from its Club Namco website. This is less convenient for players who might want to pick up their copies from a brick-and-mortar store, but it does allow more accurate record-keeping by eliminating potential communication issues with retailers. The Ninostarter program runs until the end of August.

Source: IGN

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