Publisher’s Club members will now be better prepared to survive the apocalypse …

Are you ready for the impending apocalypse? Let’s see here … canned goods, check; fresh water supply, check; weapons – oh, crap. If, while filling your basement with non-perishable goods and blankets, you forgot to pack the necessary gear to fend off a zombie zerg rush, have no fear – Edges of Reality has all the sharp, pointy objects you could ever hope for.

Edges of Reality provides high quality, affordable weaponry and armor for all of your apocalypse needs. If you’re not fighting off waves of sentient robots or hordes of mindless zombies, perhaps you can indulge a bit in your weapon replica hobby. Have you been looking for an Uruk’Hai sword to finish your LotR collection? Or perhaps you’re looking to purchase just one more samurai sword for your wall display. If so, Edges of Reality is the store for you! Publisher’s Club members receive an additional 5% off purchases of up to $100 and 7.5% off purchases over $100*!

*These products are not toys, and weapon laws are different everywhere, so be sure to check their Policies Page and with your local law enforcement before placing an order!
*The discount rate is based on the total price, excluding shipping.

If you are already part of The Escapist’s Publisher’s Club, you can find further details on how to claim your discount by going to your Profile and then click on “Subscription and Benefits” under the Profile Options.

To learn more about what you can expect from becoming part of the Publisher’s Club, including all of the benefits, please click here.

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