Privates Gets an Extension


Privates, the side-scrolling shooter about naughty bits and the infectious unpleasantness that makes them sad, is getting an enlargement.

Privates was barred from Xbox Live but it was still a “huge, throbbing success” as a PC exclusive and so it’s no great surprise that the game will get an all-new extension with DLC planned for release early next year. “=~~ DO YOUR MANHOOD NEED MORE? практические методы разработк,” Zombie Cow Studios said in a statement. “Satisfy longer!!Longer-lasting action!

“We’ve decided to go all-out and make a whole new adventure, this time set inside a gentleman’s bits,” Dan Marshall of Zombie Cow explained further. “We’re also planning to cram in new gameplay mechanics, new enemy types, new locations, and a new player character. It’s not just more of the same, although it’s DLC so clearly some of it’s going to wind up pretty similar.”

Privates, a side-scrolling action game in which players “lead a team of condom-hatted little chappies into peoples’ rude areas and blast away at all manner of oozy, shouty monsters,” was unveiled in May for the PC and Xbox 360. The PC version came out in August but the 360 edition, not entirely surprisingly, was canned after the studio was told there was no way the game would pass the “Indie Games Peer Review process.”

The as-yet-unnamed Privates DLC is expected to come out around Easter 2011. For more information, head on over to

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